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  johndrew 10:03 25 May 09

I have been running a-squared for some time, but since the most recent program upgrade I have noticed that updates have been getting considerably larger; is it just me?

Updates always seemed to be no larger than 1MB but now are giant 38MB monsters (as today`s offering) which appear to be almost a full program re-installation.

Has anyone else found this to be the case?

  johndrew 10:04 25 May 09

Title should have been `squared` not `suared`.

  birdface 10:07 25 May 09

I would imagine that you now have a new version of a Squared downloaded.
it is a good program and I would keep it if that was what you were thinking about.
I would also have Malwarebytes downloaded with it and that should do you for Anti-Spyware programs.

  birdface 10:13 25 May 09

Yes just checked you have the new version just loaded as an update 3.5 hours ago.But has been available earlier.

click here

I am using the pay for version which has no updates as yet.

  cocteau48 10:16 25 May 09

I only run A Squared on an ad hoc basis and therefore only update the database as and when I run it ... and todays update was over 42Mb!
I updated to the latest version a couple of weeks ago so that should not be a factor in the size of the update.

  birdface 10:16 25 May 09

And just checked again and I am already using the new version.

  Sea Urchin 10:19 25 May 09

Yes, for some time now updates have been from two sources - the A Squared server and also the additional signatures from Ikarus. As buteman says it's a good program - the only one that detected the Conficker Worm on my neighbour's laptop recently.

  johndrew 12:10 25 May 09

Sorry folks it looks as if my question was unclear.

I appreciate that a-squared is a good piece of software and that is why I`ve used it for some years; it`s the size of current updates that is of concern. I`m also aware that Ikarus validation has been included in the latest version and this can cause some problems as a result of server loading.

I updated to V4 when it was released and recognise some updates will be larger than expected. However, in some weeks there can be two or three updates of over 30MB in size. I certainly had two last week and that of Friday was small (a few hundred KB), but again today the update was over 38MB. Given that the whole program is less than 70MB installed it looks as if the t3sigs.vdb file (36.9MB) is being replaced on a regular basis rather than a smaller update being applied to it.

Are others experiencing this?

  Sea Urchin 12:27 25 May 09

Your last point is correct - the file is replaced regularly, and to my knowledge this has always been a feature with A Squared updating. When I queried it with A² a couple of years ago they said it was to correct faulty coding in previous updates.

  johndrew 13:28 25 May 09

`.. they said it was to correct faulty coding in previous updates.`

That could be a bit of a concern with the number of times it is replaced in a week. I wonder what effect the `faulty coding` has on the functionality if the program.

  Sea Urchin 13:38 25 May 09

Yes, I wondered that at the time, and why other anti-malware programs didn't seem to have the same problem.


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