Stuttering video

  ronec 05 Mar 12

I have BT Internet, connected wirelessly to my laptop. A speed test shows I get approx 5.5mbps download speed. I cannot watch BBCi Player, or YouTube videos etc any larger than the small standard size. Even then the video stops and starts. If I increase screen size, the video will just about play, but stops more than it starts. According to info, I should be able to watch HD with 5.5mbps, but I can hardly watch normal TV. I am sat within 4 feet of the router, so distance is not the problem. Any ideas?

  difarn 05 Mar 12

Do you have the latest version of Flash Player? When you have a You Tube video playing right click and then click on "Settings" - if the "enable hardware acceleration" is checked, then uncheck it.

You don't say what OS you are using but to play HD in iPlayer requires

"A modern computer with a graphics card and processor than can handle the graphics, otherwise playback will be choppy"

this is from the iPlayer site. Your broadband speed should be fine as the minimum requirement is 3.2mbps.

  ronec 06 Mar 12

Hi difarn. Thanks for the info. I checked the settings and unchecked the box. It has improved the video experience to a degree that there is only the occasional stutter now. I run Vista Home Premium AMD Turion 2.2Ghz 4GB Ram NVIDIA GeForce Go6100 (which I think is fairly basic) It is now watchable so, again, thanks for the info. I will update the player, I have just noticed that it is slightly out of date.

  Input Overload 12 Mar 12

Speed test sites do a check for a few seconds, however during prolonged use this can vary greatly. I think the prerequisite to any good internet experience, whatever device you & regardless of it's cost is a decent internet connection.

Hove you checked to see if your actual connection is as good as you can get it, dodgy wiring, on ADSL cheap filters, SKY boxes without filters, badly fitted telephone extensions etc, any of these can cause a slowdown.


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