Stupid Question? - Someone has to ask it!

  wyatt earp 19:47 04 Mar 04

My pc has the following: XP2800 athlon, asus a7n8x deluxe mobo, 512mb pc3200 memory and a Geforce3 Ti 200 garphics card (64mb).

My question is does the 64 mb graphics card slow down an otherwise decent pc, or is it only relevant when it's running complex graphics?

I noticed in the motherboard handbook that i can have 'dual channel memory use' enabled if i get another 512mb module. Am i wasting my money, considering the graphics card i have?

Worth mentioning the pc does not normally run too much graphics but does run a lot of other processing.

Your thoughts folks are welcome as ever!


  hugh-265156 19:52 04 Mar 04

unless playing latest games then no,it wont slow it down.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:55 04 Mar 04

Video editing will benefit from another 512 module but only if you do a lot. Generally speaking, you should be ok as you are.

  wyatt earp 20:04 04 Mar 04

thanks for the info - It's video editing my son will be doing most on the pc. Although it will be put onto a dvd for viewing on families tv's.
Therefore i don't need top picture quality on the pc for it.


  hugh-265156 20:06 04 Mar 04

your graphics card will also be fine for viewing dvds and vcds etc.

  Patr100 20:06 04 Mar 04

The Memory in the graphics card should take the load off the Motherboard ram whatever you do so can help to maximise what you have left.
For 2D work the card is more than enough.

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