Stupid question about LG widescreen TFT monitors

  polymath 13:52 11 May 08

The monitor (20") came with my new desktop. It's not yet set up, but while moving the monitor I somehow tilted it. It's now leaning slightly forward instead of back, and I can't figure out how to correct it!
Is there some release thingy I haven't found, or do I just move it more firmly? It made a little sound when tilting forward, rather like a ratchet, and I'd rather not take a chance on forcing it.

  Meshuga 15:39 11 May 08

What does it say in the instruction book???

  johnnyrocker 15:57 11 May 08

the base should have a sort of push button facility located in the stem in order to enable movement?


  Fingees 16:53 11 May 08

On my monitor, I just had someone hold the base, and it tilted where I wanted it, by holding top and bottom and tilting.

  polymath 19:23 11 May 08

The model number on the back is L204WTS (manufactured June 2007). It came with a Packard Bell computer from PC World.

The setup leaflet just says to tilt the monitor to suit, between 5 degrees forward & 20 backward, with a diagram of the positions. For some reason I've only just remembered the driver disk includes a user guide (good point, Meshuga!). A diagram in there about tilting the monitor has a hand on the top of the screen, and nothing about a button etc. There is a hand at the bottom of it, probably keeping it steady but basically re what not to do (ie get fingers trapped).
There's no button/lever or anything else movable anywhere near the hinge, or on any surface of the pillar or base. Lifting/pressing down on the screen doesn't free it.

So I guess it must be just brute force. I tried again (quite hard this time), but the hinge only moved a smidgin before firmly stopping, and relaxing back to the same position; I think it was just the plastic flexing a bit. It's the same when I kneel on the base and hold both top and bottom.


  polymath 18:28 09 Jun 08

It was just brute force (didn't even have to reach for the WD-40). Tried the LG website & couldn't find any consumer help, so took the risk of yanking it firmly. It was with the screen held face down on a firm surface (& moving the base) that it finally moved.

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