Stupid person requires help removing drivers......

  Camille 21:03 28 Feb 03

You know I'm starting to rely on all you experts to patiently offer your advice

I know I need to remove and reinstall the drivers for my graphics card, but I don't know how to do that and I'm a bit worried that if I cock it up I won't be able to see anything to ask you to help me fix it!!

Your advice please?

  Switcher 21:11 28 Feb 03

What operating system are you using.

What Graphics card do you have and how do you know that you require to remove and reinstall your driver.

  Camille 21:15 28 Feb 03

I have the basic W98, and the graphics card is Nvidia G Force (the cheap one - not the groovy new one)
I know I have to remove and reinstall cos I stupidly downloaded an updated driver without removing the original one (hoping to remedy one of the numerous faults now appearing on my pc) and seem to have generated even more faults.

  Switcher 21:34 28 Feb 03

Use windows KEY + Pause to take you to System Properties. Click on device manasger. Open Display adapter. Double click on adapter. Select Driver and click on update driver. Then using original driver disk reinstall.

  cream. 21:38 28 Feb 03

Idiot replies;

Go to device manager and open up display adapter. Then highlight the graphics card and pick remove.

Also go to add and remove programmes and look for any reference to the graphics drivers and remove them.

Reboot the machine, it will find your graphics card again, then point it to the new drivers.

  Switcher 21:43 28 Feb 03

I agree with idiot - Does that make me an idiot as well

  powerless 21:45 28 Feb 03




  cream. 21:52 28 Feb 03

That's a good short cut " windows key + pause"

Now I have never seen that hint on the back of a cornflakes

  Camille 14:34 02 Mar 03

Oh dear - marked this as resolved as your advice seemed straightforward enough. However.... having now had time to follow the instructions I find that my pc supplier did not include a disc for the graphics card (which is NVidea GForce 2). So... if I unistall, how EXACTLY do I point it to the new driver????

  « Ravin » 14:47 02 Mar 03

when you reboot you'll get a message saying that windows has detected a new graphics card and it'll ask you to specify the location of the new driver, just point it to the folder where you downloaded the new driver

  « Ravin » 14:48 02 Mar 03

oops by point i mean click the browse button and go to the folder where you downloaded the driver

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