Stuck pixel?

  TheMr557 01:28 31 Aug 14

Hey all. Just bought a Benq monitor. Looks beautiful apart from after a few hours it started showing a stuck blue pixel. I was told that you'll see any stuck pixel better on a black background. However the pixel actually goes Black!

It only seems noticeable on white/light picture. Would this be a semi stuck pixel?

Anyone got any ideas before Amazon takes it back?

Cheers ☺

  TheMr557 01:31 31 Aug 14

It's also an Led monitor.

  northumbria61 05:25 31 Aug 14

Take a read of Ways to Fix a Stuck Pixel

Different Manufacturers have different policies when it comes to pixels (faulty or dead etc. Pixels

Personally, if you are not happy with it then have it replaced by Amazon otherwise you will be forever looking at that pixel!

  spuds 11:25 31 Aug 14

When these type of monitors first came out, there were a number of complaints about 'stuck' pixels, and the manufacturer's gave different methods of redress.

Usually the manufacturer's were only concerned about dead pixels in the centre of the screen, outside that area, it was previously classed as acceptable or within limits, to some manufacturer's.

I recall the 'damp cloth' and slight pressure was one of the original trial and error remedies, and I note that this is still mentioned today via the link above.

  bumpkin 13:10 31 Aug 14

Don't mess about with it or you will be blamed, just return it as you will never be happy with it (I wouldn't anyway)

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