Stubborn Psion

  krislas 21:09 01 Aug 03

I just uninstalled my Psion Revo from my PC which run Windows ME. The "My Psion" icon has remained on the desktop and will not allow me to delete it. I have had a little look in the registry (which I find rather scary as I am a tweaking novice), and found under Hkey_local_machine\software a Psion folder which I deleted. The litle devil of an icon is still there. HELP!!! Any ideas how to get rid of it? Thanks in grateful anticipation.

  Philip2 15:04 02 Aug 03

Can't you delete it by right clicking the icon then delete???

  krislas 12:02 04 Aug 03

Sadly not, I tried that, and also dragging it into the recycle bin, which it wont let me do either. It is very frustrating.

  Steven135 12:16 04 Aug 03

Have you tried deleting it from safe mode?

  Steven135 12:19 04 Aug 03

Sorry clicked send by mistake, right click choose properties make sure read only is unticked.

Try renaming it, clearing target box,

  krislas 14:01 05 Aug 03

Tried right clicking properties. Comes up none available-can't remember exact wording but will check when I get home-. I think this is due to the fact I deleted the Psion folder from the registry. What did you mean about safe mode?

  Steven135 14:13 05 Aug 03

As your computer starts press (usually) F8 you will be presemted with various options one of which will be safe mode.

Safe mode starts the computer with a minimal set of drivers it always worth a try.

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