Stretched image in widescreen.

  collie_man 20:51 26 Mar 07

I'm looking at getting a 19" Widescreen monitor.

A friend bought one and after connecting it found the image was awfully stretched, he couldn't change it so took it back and changed it for a 4:3.

If I was to buy this item . .

click here

. . would my "VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP" be able to sort the resolution so it fit correctly ? As I will be using the screen for animation and video editing I obviously want the correct resolution.

I know this is probably just a quick fix and easily resolved, but I thought I'd get better and faster responses here :)


  handy4x 22:04 26 Mar 07

check if your graphics support the 1440x900
resulution if it will you should be ok
ps not a bad screen + it a tv i am useing one at the moment runs games fine

  collie_man 22:14 26 Mar 07

What are the best ways to check to see if my graphics will support it ?

Also do you know if it's possible to record straight from the tv to a hard drive ?

many thanks

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