Street View

  thumbscrew 22:23 18 Feb 11

According to the Google Earth info, Street View is on the lower left of the screen. I can't see it there. Can anyone advise?

Click on layers in the bottom l/h corner of Google Earth screen.
Streetview is one of the options (click box)

  thumbscrew 22:40 18 Feb 11

Many thanks oldal, I've clicked on "Layers", but I don't get "Street View".

  ashdav 02:15 19 Feb 11

Move your cursor up to the top right of the Google Earth window and you'll see an outline of a small man.
Drag this to the street you want to look at.
If there is a Streetview for the area then the roads will highlight in blue.
It won't work/appear until you zoom in close enough for roads to appear.

  ashdav 02:18 19 Feb 11

Also depends on the version of Google Earth you have installed.
Latest one click here (ignore the Beta label)

  canarieslover 07:46 19 Feb 11

You can also use Google Maps. On Google home page there is an option at top left of page to search maps. Put in postcode or place name and then drag the little yellow man onto the road you want to view. Depends on where in the world you are viewing as to whether or not you can actually 'drive' along the street.

  thumbscrew 10:36 19 Feb 11

Yes, thanks both, I've been using Street View since its inception and I access it from the Google page. However, I used to load it from Google Earth, but as stated I can't find it on there now.

  thumbscrew 10:39 19 Feb 11

Also, thanks Ashdav, I've got the version on your post.

  ashdav 15:35 19 Feb 11

If it's stopped working just uninstall and reinstall.
Actually I think there is a repair option when you install so just run the installation again.

  thumbscrew 19:17 19 Feb 11

Ok thanks pal, actually I've already reinstalled once, but I'll do it again and repost later.

  Woolwell 19:39 19 Feb 11

Street view in the latest version of Google Earth isn't quite the same. Don't look bottom left or any of the layers. Zoom down until until you are about 500 km above the surface move your cursor right over the zoom and direction controls and the pegman (pegperson?) should appear then drag it to where you want.

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