Streaming Video Problem

  bartonside 17:47 13 Feb 10

I am having problems with streaming videos from some, er, adult sites and also, intermittently, from the eminently respectable BBC iPlayer. The problem is continual buffering so the video plays in short bursts, which destroys the impact. Sometimes the buffer counts down which is equally odd. It does not seem to affect YouTube though. Is this a problem for my ISP, which is AOL? Suggestions welcome.

  johnnyrocker 19:56 13 Feb 10

what connnection speed do you have?


  bartonside 21:27 13 Feb 10

I have just run two separate tests; one gives a download of 0.94, the other 1.8. But previous tests I have run give aeound 2.5 but I am out in the countryside which doesn't help.

  bartonside 12:18 14 Feb 10


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