Streaming video playing at increased speed.

  funkey_monkey 22:31 15 Jan 09

Hi - my youtube is playing at a increased speed with no sound at present.

I've tried reinstalling flash but there was no success. This problem occurs with both Firefox and IE. I'm am running WinXP.

Can anyone please help?


  funkey_monkey 23:01 15 Jan 09

Update: this happens on all websites with embedded videos and also in Win Media Player.

  funkey_monkey 17:43 16 Jan 09


  Stuartli 19:46 16 Jan 09

From Windows Media Player's Tools>View>Enhancements, check out the Play Speed settings haven't been inadvertently increased.

  MAJ 20:03 16 Jan 09

Also try installing the K-Lite Codec Pack (full version). click here

  funkey_monkey 22:22 16 Jan 09

Thanks - I've downloaded the KLite Codec but it is not making a difference - what do I do now?

I appreciate you taking the time to repsond - thanks.

  Stuartli 23:48 16 Jan 09

It will make a difference - you will have the very latest audio and video codecs...:-)

  funkey_monkey 00:31 17 Jan 09

Yeah, but it's still not working. There is obviously a setting somewhere that needs correcting.

Can anyone help?

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