streaming music

  MAD_MIKE 22:04 26 Dec 07

please is there a way of recording the sound that comes out of the speakers of my pc to the hard drive so they can be burnt to cd. xpsp2

  MAJ 22:06 26 Dec 07

Audacity click here

  rossgolf 22:07 26 Dec 07

yes use this
click here
download and then when you in it use the record function on tool bar

  sean-278262 22:08 26 Dec 07

Recording the sound from what to what. If it is online it depends on the site as some sites have nice work arounds that you can use for the best quality. Sites like pandora you can actually extract the entire song with a little work. Simply put tell us what you are doing exactly and we can probably give you the best options to sort it. You can do it if you have any sort of basic sound card with mic in and audio out. 99% of PCs these days have this.

  MAD_MIKE 22:20 26 Dec 07

Astec123,i want to record from online radio stations directly to "my music" folder to be able to transfer to cd,i have tried using the mike in setup but don't get good reproduction.
MAJ & rossgolf i have audacity but don't get on with it very well.

  MAJ 22:22 26 Dec 07

Well, kiss and make up, MAD_MIKE, it's about the best free app around.

  MAD_MIKE 23:29 26 Dec 07

ok MAJ,i suppose it is the season of goodwill i'll give audacity another go. cheers to everyone,thanks.

p/s who is this goodwill?

  rossgolf 23:32 26 Dec 07

if you dnt mind paying a bit then there is this
click here
(mite be able to find a free version on one of the bit torrnt sites)

  cocteau48 06:13 27 Dec 07

Have a look here
click here
The Media Recorder (second last on the page) may suit your needs. It's not in the same class as Audacity but is a simple "one click" recorder which may be good enough.

  tullie 08:13 27 Dec 07

Try Screemer radio.

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