Strangr behaviour...please help!

  hawthorn59 21 Sep 11

Hi Folks

Some of this I have posted in another post "Screen going darker" but there are a few more problems since so I thought I'd create a new post. Firstly, I have a Sony Vaio 9 months old, win 7, intel pentium, 4 gig ram. I installed a new hard drive (keeping the old one for archived stuff) last week, and used my original Win 7 disk. Therefore its a slightly different setup in that I dont have Vaio control centre etc. Also 2 days ago I installed a Samsung Laser mono printer copier. Now I notice the following:

1 The screen suddenly went darker. When installing printer I had used it on battery power. So taking advice from the answer in my other post I looked up power options. I changed it from Balanced to Power saver (even though I was now on battery)and that did the trick. Tonight I changed it back to balanced and the screen remains bright (for now anyway). The only thing is the FN+F5/F6 doesnt work to increase or decrease the brightness.

2 The mouse wont work now. Only r clicking or scrolling the wheel will do anything, but I cant move the cursor with the mouse. Its a new-ish Kensington wired laptop mouse. I do notice the bulb underneath is not lighting, should it be? Didnt get to try it in another laptop yet, I will tomorrow.

3 When I shut down or restart now, there is a very quick flash of the desktop screen then it shuts down. There is definitely a message written on the screen but I cant see it, it goes so quickly. Also I cant stop the screen there to read it. It was never there before to the best of my knowledge.

4 Also yesterday for no apparent reason the computer warned me that it was closing down!

5 I use Smarter Mail; when I go to reply to a message using Firefox, there is now big block of code, where there never used to be. I wrote to Smarter forum and it was suggested that the browser may have a worm or virus. I tried it in Chrome and it worked perfectly.

I ran Windows Live Essentials and it found nothing. Strange behaviour all in a couple of days, no? Maybe unrelated incidents, I dont know. Hope someone can help!

many thanks and sorry for the long post


  Lazarus The 2nd 21 Sep 11

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