Strange Xp start up

  jaritch 12:22 27 Jan 06

My son's Pc has started doing something different at start up. It seems to pause for about 5 seconds at a screen which says "select operating system to start"

Then lists Wimdows Xp and Microsoft windows recovery consul.

As I say it only does it briefly and then starts up fine.

Just curious as it didn't do this before or indeed if it is the start oif something more serious. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:43 27 Jan 06

You can remove it by right clicking on My Computer, select Advanced Tab, Check Startup and Recovery. Select your Default OS (XP) and uncheck "Display list of operating systems"


  jaritch 15:08 27 Jan 06

Thanks gandalf

will do the necessary when I get home.

  jaritch 16:55 27 Jan 06

Thanks again gandalf

Did what you said now that annoying screen is no more.

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