Strange trasferring problem...

  Ronyap 22:55 10 Sep 08


I have a laptop connected to my Desktop wirelessly. I transfer stuff all the time. I have just recently realised that whenever I 'move' files (that tend to be larger than 100Mb), the transfer file box will come up. It will transfer at a rate of about 300kb/s.

Now the problem is that after it has done this, it re-transfers! As in, the figures in the box change.

The items remaining changes from:

Items remaining: 0 (0MB)

back to :

1 (100Mb)

and now the speed is about 10kb/s! Although the speed does go up to 168 kb/s gradually.

And once this finishes transferring its done.

Why does it transfer twice?

Any help appreciated.

  Ronyap 22:57 10 Sep 08

*Although the speed does go up to <b>200</b> kb/s gradually*

  baldydave 23:11 10 Sep 08

Could be the first transfer is windows moving/collecting files to a temporary area before actually transferring the files the 2nd speed will be actual moving of files from one pc to the other.

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