Strange Sound happenings

  wingfield 13:34 13 Sep 04

I'm still having sound problems. When I put a CD in the player I get a message 'Audio device not installed or not working properly' (or words to that effect) My son found that if you press the skip button on the player the CD plays OK.

I can't play anything stored on the Hard drive. I've loaded an updated driver for the player device.

  bof:) 14:07 13 Sep 04

Hi wingfield,

what operating system are you using?

do you get any sounds from your PC at all, for instance when it starts up do you get the microsoft intro?

which program are you using to play your audio stuff?

have you tried playing through another program?

have you tried installing cd player in another PC if possible and using it?


  bof:) 14:08 13 Sep 04

have you checked cables and that its set to slave on the back if being used on same cable as hard drive for example.

  wingfield 14:54 13 Sep 04

I'm operating XP Pro. The problems seemed to start when I upgraded from Win 2000. Up until then it worked perfectly. I didn't touch any cables or anything inside - just did an upgrade.

I don't get any sounds when starting up or anywhen else.
Windows media player normally starts up when trying to play a CD.
Sometimes Real Player will start - same problems.
I don't think the CD player is the trouble as I can play CD's after pressing the 'skip' button on the player.

  wingfield 16:04 13 Sep 04

Have also now tried removing a seperate sound card, disabling the VIA AC97 Audio Controller, disabling the onboard audio device in the chipset features, reinstalling the sound card but still nothing. Is there any wires I ought to be changing inside from th onboard sound card to the new one?

  bof:) 00:50 17 Sep 04

wingfield, You should have a small thin wire running from the back of your cd to your soundcard.

If the problem started after your upgrade, have you checked in your Volume Play controls that you have not accidentally muted anything.

I cannot figure ou why pressing the skip button on your cd should cause the cd to play. It sounds as if the cd player is not reading the cd you've put in it until given a nudge.

Thats why I suggested trying another cd player if you have 1 you can use.


  bof:) 00:51 17 Sep 04


  wingfield 17:09 17 Sep 04

I've sorted it! I changed the cable inside onto the new sound card - I had the choice of 2 places to put it - no advice with the sound card info. Still didn't work so went to google again. I noticed in sounds and audio devices it was saying no audio device so punched this in and found the follwoing advice:

Right click on my computer, then select manage.
Click the plus by "Services and Applications" and select Services.
Right click on "Windows Audio" and go to properties.
Then make sure that it is set to "Automatic" and reboot

This has worked!

Thanks for your advice.

  bof:) 20:54 19 Sep 04

Hi Wingfield, glad you managed to sort it out. I wasnt aware of the services and application option. So, I've learnt something today.


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