strange scrolling

  louandel 22:14 28 Oct 06

I have recently upgraded from xp home to xp pro. Everything fine. Except when i scroll in word, or internet explorer, vertical or horizontal, it is in slow jerky movements, like the page is moving over a bit at a time, and parts of it are moving faster than other bits. Very frustrating!

Anybody got any ideas?


  rdave13 22:16 28 Oct 06

Could be you need to update your GPU (graphics card) drivers.

  louandel 23:16 28 Oct 06

How do i go about updating these drivers?



  anskyber 23:37 28 Oct 06

Tools, options, internet options, advanced tab and check use smooth scrolling.

  rdave13 23:47 28 Oct 06

click here for ATI.

click here for Nvidia.

  Probabilitydrive 09:57 29 Oct 06

You coulld get new drivers from:

click here

and activate smooth scrolling.

  louandel 10:14 29 Oct 06

when I go into systems /device Manager there is a big yellow question mark next to video controller and video controller (VGA compatible).
It tells me that the drivers are not installed so i ask it to do it. It cant find any on the computer. I am unsure what my video card is.

  rdave13 10:17 29 Oct 06

Download and run everest click here .Will give info on gpu etc.

  rdave13 10:37 29 Oct 06

Another good site for GPU drivers is click here .

Scroll down to drivers marked with WHQL if you're not happy with beta ones.
WHQL = windows hardware quality labs support.

  louandel 10:49 29 Oct 06

this is just too complex stuff for me. it seems the video controllers are the problem. Im afraid im going to need pointing directly to were i need to go


  rdave13 11:07 29 Oct 06

In everest click on display then click on windows video. This will display your graphics card info.
Then find and download the appropriate drivers.

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