Strange pop ups

  FeeN 21:49 08 Apr 06

Hi all.

I formated my HD a few hours ago due to general poor performance and a few random error messages. Everything has been running fine except i keep getting these strange pop up messages. It happens at any time / any where, wheter im browsing the net or in my documents. It doesnt look like a windows pop up window so im not going to trust it. It says

"Message from SECURITY to ALERT user on 'date + time'


Obviously its crap and points me towards a random list of websites such as click here and click here

I used to use Zonealarm and AVG but changed over to BitDefender as recommended by PCadvisor and have never experienced anything like this.

P.S ive ran spyware programs but they find nothing

  VoG II 21:53 08 Apr 06

Are these Messenger Service pop-ups like click here

  FeeN 21:57 08 Apr 06

Thx for the quick reply VoG. They are in a similar style but look more.....well amateur.

Had a quick look at the site you pointed me in the direction of. So basically its just spam?

  VoG II 21:59 08 Apr 06

Yes basically spam - I suggest you turn them off using the instructions in my link.

  FeeN 22:01 08 Apr 06

ok, thanks a lot VoG, i'll give that a try.
Just wondering though, how come they popped up now? been using XP since its release and have never had them before.

  VoG II 22:03 08 Apr 06

Have you installed SP2 since reformatting?

  FeeN 22:04 08 Apr 06

Not yet no. Actually come to think of it, ive never installed SP2 :)

  FeeN 22:10 08 Apr 06

No pop ups in over 10mins, its a record! Again, thanks a lot VoG :)

  VoG II 22:23 08 Apr 06

The reason I asked about SP2 is that I think it turns off Messenger Service. Maybe you turned it off previously. Anyway, you should install SP2 as it fixes a lot of vulnerabilities in Windows - more serious than the odd pop-up.

  Stuartli 23:22 08 Apr 06

Plus all the subsequent SP3 updates since SP2 was released if necessary.

WindowsUpdate will undertake the necessary task for you.

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