strange plusnet homepage popup

  rickf 28 Apr 13

Has plusnet been hijacked. I went on the net just now and the usual homepage was replaced with one asking me to pay by direct debit or credit card with the usual requirements asking for name address etc.,entitled Time To Pay. Needless to say I close it then back on to plusnet and the normal homepage came up. I logged into my a/c and see that I already pay by DD and next payment is not due until May. Or is it that the co is getting too big and confused since taken over by BT!!

  rickf 28 Apr 13

Have since scanned for infection and clean the laptop with CC Cleaner. Nothing found by my anti virus software though.

  fourm member 29 Apr 13

Just logged in and nothing untoward happened.

  Forum Editor 29 Apr 13

Transferred to Tech Helproom from Speakers Corner.

  bobpullen 01 May 13

Hi there,

If you haven't missed a payment then there's a slim possibility that the IP address you were assigned at the time was authenticated against a user who has in our traffic management system.

It's this system that governs the connection profile designed to push people to the billing pages when they've missed a payment.

If you haven't done so already then I'd suggest disconnecting/reconnecting which should clear the problem.

Best regards,

Bob Pullen

Plusnet Digital Care.

That's impressive from PlusNet's Bob Pullen. As a long time customer, I've never been less than delighted with their customer support. Other ISPs could learn a lot...


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