Strange message when signing into hotmail

  ponytail 12:45 16 Jan 15

I have three Hotmail account and this morning when trying to sign in to my main account I got this message.

Welcome, Paul Here's where you manage your account Basic info

Edit your details Change marketing preferences Manage aliases Edit your profile Get account help Payment & billing

Billing overview Manage payment options View purchase history Manage subscriptions Edit billing info Get billing help

Security & privacy

Change password & more Check recent activity Manage related a

and cannot get into my emails and it also happened when I tried my other two accounts so had to turn the laptop off and backmon again and then was able to sign in Can someone advise

  wee eddie 12:48 16 Jan 15

Is this not just the Home Page.

If it is. Just enter an email address and it's Password

  ponytail 14:01 16 Jan 15

I got this message after entering my email address and my password on all three accounts

  lotvic 15:51 16 Jan 15

That page is the 'Account Settings' why you are being taken straight to it I do not know. When on that page there is no link to click on to get to email. (I couldn't find a link anyhow)

After I log in to my Hotmail/ email I can access the same page you get by clicking on my Picture at top right and on dropdown menu click on 'Account Settings'. For me it opens in a new Tab so I still have my email on the first tab.

I can only think that it must be the url that you are using or perhaps a cookie. Try redoing your saved Bookmark/Favourite url to ClickHere">">ClickHere which specifies 'mail' in the url it is from Microsofts page about Clickhere (Already have an account? Sign in link)

  lotvic 15:57 16 Jan 15

I'll try again with that first link I did, hopefully it will work this time (grr)

Try Bookmark/Favourite url to ClickHereMail

  lotvic 16:01 16 Jan 15

Nope that doesn't work, pca formatting or me stuffed it up. It looked fine in the preview pane with the correct https url but it has somehow pasted a previous copy of fragment of text from clipboard when I pressed post....

  ponytail 21:14 16 Jan 15

Hi lotvic just tried to log into Hotmail and got the same message again on all my three accounts and it also happened after I re-booted my laptop

  rdave13 23:37 16 Jan 15

Could be that your bookmark takes you to that page. Delete the bookmark and google for sign in page. Worth running Ccleaner before hand.

  lotvic 23:53 16 Jan 15

Redo your bookmark/favourite. Go to
click here
and in the basics menu in rightside column, click on 'Sign in / sign out' and it takes you further down the page to that section.

In the 'Sign in / sign out' section at No: 1 it says 'Go to and enter your email address and password '

The is a link to click on so use that and when you log in it should take you to your Inbox.

If that works I suggest you bookmark / favourite that sign in page for future use.

  rdave13 00:26 17 Jan 15

lotvic removing the bookmark/favourite and running Ccleaner should handle it maybe.

Easier I would have thought.

Cookies returning the page seems to be the problem in my humble opinion.

  ponytail 09:43 17 Jan 15

Have just noticed that when I go into Hotmail using google chrome that is when In get this message but I have a shortcut on my desktop for Hotmail and if I go that way I can get in.Can I contact Hotmail/outlook or is there a forum for it somewhere I can ask the question.

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