Strange message received.

  Meshuga 20:22 04 Jan 05

I have just received an email saying that "Symantec Email Proxy Deleted The Following email message" The message referred to confirmation of Despatch of an order I placed with Maplin today but the remainder of the message was deleted. can anybody tell me what this is about please. I have emailed symantec about it.

  wotbus@ 20:29 04 Jan 05

If your AV is Symantec, suggest you contact them. On the info supplied it looks like a legitimate email you were expecting was suspect and zapped by Symantec!

  Meshuga 20:35 04 Jan 05

Hi wotbus@, that was my first thought. I do have Norton AV which is Symantec.At least if that is the case Norton AV is doing its job, if a little too well. Thanks for your reply. will leave it run a bit to see if anyone comes up with an alternative. Regards, Meshuga.

  Jackcoms 21:05 04 Jan 05


I don't think that NAV is doing its job "a little too well" at all - it's doing what it should do.

If the original e-mail was from Maplins, you might want to get in touch with them to let them know that they're sending viruses around the world.

They may need to clean up their servers.

  Meshuga 22:20 04 Jan 05

Hi Jackcoms, Yes I agrree with you and I have already emailed them and intend phoning them first thing tomorrow. Meshuga.

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