Strange message following updates

  john bunyan 14 Oct 11

Windows 64 bit Ultimate, up to date. Yesterday 9 Updates were installed. When I switch on the PC a message just above the bottom right of the taskbar appears mentioning a windows problem. When "further details" are followed a Square box appears headed "Windows Activation" An error has ocurred 0x800700D Description: The data is invalid. Nothing seems to have stopped working so it is a mystery. Any suggestions? I have a full retail version that was installed in late '09 so I is not a validation issue.

  john bunyan 14 Oct 11

PS found on GOOGLE a MS Fix and ran MS "Fix it" programme which found no update errors. I may follow the manual route they suggest in their fix for this problem - a bit long winded involving renaming the Software Distribution directory etc so may just ignore it for now.

  john bunyan 14 Oct 11

I suppose I could do a system restore to before the updates then reistall them. Will o so tomorrow if problem persists.

  badhair1963 14 Oct 11

Does this help?

  john bunyan 14 Oct 11

badhair1963. Thanks but 0x800700D is used for a number of things; as there was no warning specifically about invalid version, I think it is more to do with the recent updates. I tried to run a system restore in normal and safe mode. The first did not work, and the second crashed. It is working and I will watch and wait. I have found another fix in the MS database, but as things are ok for now will wait a while. Others have found restore does not always work!

  john bunyan 15 Oct 11

Problem seems to have mysteriously gone! System restore problems will form another thread.


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