Strange message at bootup.

  Meshuga 14:45 22 Dec 06

My daughter has emailed me the following message. Every time I boot up I get the following message. "entry point not found,The proceedure entry point avgeditpupexceptions could not belocated in the dynamic link library avgTmgr.dll" The upper case T in avgTmgr is not a mistake, thats how it came. Can anyone throw any light on this since I haven`t a clue. Her os is xp and she is on aol and lives in Spain. By the wording it looks like something to do with AVG. Many thanks.

  VoG II 14:46 22 Dec 06

I would suggest uninstalling then re-installing AVG.

  Meshuga 15:02 22 Dec 06

Thanks VoG. Do you know if AVG has its own uninstaller or does she have to go via control panel and add & remove? I don`t use AVG so I don`t know.

  VoG II 15:03 22 Dec 06

It should be in Add or Remove programs.

  Meshuga 15:20 22 Dec 06

Many thanks VoG. Will pass it on to her.

  Meshuga 16:16 22 Dec 06


  jack 17:12 22 Dec 06

VoG's message is sound but I have come across an AVG problem on a friends machine- I don't know if he has resolved it , but for what it is worth it goes like this.

The version he has installed is AVG Pro put on the machine by the builder
Hegot the message
'AVG damaged' or words to the effect.
Clicking around revealed no 'Repair' opportunity.
The obvious thing to do was as VoG suggested uninstall reload and put in the licence no.
Here the problem began - The program simply would not uninstall.
I was able to locate a UK help link for him to go to.
I have not heard yet of the outcome.
Here is an opportunity for me to contact him.

  Meshuga 17:34 22 Dec 06

Thanks for that Jack. My daughter has probably got AVG free version, not Pro which she would have to pay for and she`s too tightfisted for that. Worth remembering though.

  Meshuga 19:03 22 Dec 06

I have passed members suggestions on to my daughter and will see what happens and will tick this resolved for now. Will repost if required.

  Meshuga 19:18 24 Dec 06

For the attn of VoG & Jack, I have now heard from my daughter and uninstalling and reinstalling AVG as suggested by you has solved the problem. Many thanks.

  VoG II 19:21 24 Dec 06

Excellent news Meshuga!

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