Strange HDD, internal=clicks external=silent???

  Gaz 25 20:08 21 Apr 04

This is one hell of an odd problem.

Im currently running a Seagate.

Now as you know two maxtor 8mb cache 80gig drives failed on me.

Got another one which developed the same clicking!!!! :-0

So thus I got a seagate. Going ok for now.

Now the Maxtor I have put in a HDD external caddy. And guess what? Perfectly silent.

Whipped it out, placed it internally where my seagate is. Clicks = clunks and sounds like its gonna go bang.

But in the external caddy its silent as hell, cannot even hear the drive, but it works? :-0

All was set-up on the PC, the only thing is I didnt install the so called optional ATA133 drivers on the gigabyte disk? Is that what I should have done?

i dont get it at all, can anyone suggest reasons why the drive is silent as anything when its in an external case, but not when internally on a base unit?

Whats the fault, Im baffled!

  Gaz 25 20:11 21 Apr 04

Hey this is odd, I cannot even hear the drive in the external caddy, but its seriously loud in the base unit when its placed in? Whats going on?

And for some reason I can hear my seagate (supposed to be super silent) only just outside the case? Is this a duffed mobo or PSU?


  Gongoozler 20:18 21 Apr 04

I know of one power supply that had a habit of knackering hard drives. I never did find out why, but I rebuilt the computer for the owner using a 400W Qtech power supply from Ebuyer click here and it has been well behaved since. But then I did also replace the motherboard and processor at the same time.

  Gaz 25 13:03 23 Apr 04

I know. Thats what I am wondering.

I might just replace my PSU, since the Mobo is of good quality.

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