Strange Goings On

  maz2 14:59 26 Apr 05

On trying to get into certain websites the security warning for certificates kept displaying on checking my clock it had gone back 5 years to 2000, I honestly havent touched it. I mentioned it to my daughter and she said the same thing had happened in work 2 of the PC's were displaying the wrong time although they were ok yesterday, spookie or what!

  Indigo 1 15:10 26 Apr 05

Sounds like a virus. Has your daughter been bringing home files from work or taking stuff to work on disc or pen drive or other removeable media ?

  maz2 16:05 26 Apr 05

No we never swap anything, also scanned with everything going to man and absolutely clear of any bugs weird or what

  Indigo 1 16:10 26 Apr 05

OK, when you say "scanned with everything going to man" I am assuming you mean Anti-Virus and Anti Malware.

Did you update your progs before use ?

Which progs have you used ?

  maz2 16:14 26 Apr 05

Trend Micro Internet Security 2005, Spybot, Microsoft Antispyware, Spywareblaster and A2 squared I don't think I can use anything else and they all come up clear and everything is working fine

  Indigo 1 16:43 26 Apr 05

That is a good list of protection progs but it seems like too much of a coincidence that two computers where your daughter works have the same problem as yours, no ?

I have never heard of this problem before and I can't seem to find anything on Google either.

Might be time to call an Exorcist.

Or it might just be a static electricity problem (but that is a pure guess).

  Indigo 1 16:48 26 Apr 05

If it re-sets again, I would check the CMOS battery click here

  Technotiger 16:52 26 Apr 05

Hi, pure speculation - but, have you had a local power-cut or power surge overnight. This could explain the 'coincidence'.


  maz2 17:26 26 Apr 05

No idea as I sleep like a top, but I seem to remember something like this happening before maybe a couple of years ago, well it appears to be ok now just have to keep an eye on it Thanks all

  bruno 18:42 26 Apr 05

I had trouble with my video not recording and after a lot of head scratching I found that it had reset itself by several years.No power cut as all the clocks and the other video were fine.Never did find an explanation,but it has happened twice,several months apart.

  Buchan 35 18:52 26 Apr 05

Could this be Global Warning?

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