Strange file

  VCR97 19:24 10 Aug 04

A file named 23990098.$$$ has appeared on my C\ drive. Any idea as to what it is? It is zero bytes in size.

  VoG II 19:29 10 Aug 04

Probably a temporary file click here

I would move it to the recycle bin, then delete it once you are sure all is still working as it should.

  Graham ® 19:32 10 Aug 04

An encrypted file?

click here

  VCR97 20:14 10 Aug 04

Thanks, both. It's exactly the same as the file shown in Graham's link but how the heck it was generated baffles me. I will do as VoG suggests and consign it to the Recycle Bin for a while.

  wolfie3000 17:19 11 Aug 04

that is a temp file created because of a bad registry setting clean out your registry with ccleaner and that should sort it

  VCR97 19:30 11 Aug 04

Thanks, wolfie3000. I've already shifted it to the Recycle Bin but I'll keep that in mind for the future.

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