Strange email problem

  ventanas 16:56 16 Mar 04

I keep getting the same email with just one sentence inviting me to "click here to view your email"

Obviously I don't, I just delete them. I was wondering if anyone knew the origin of these, or what happens if I do "click here"

Also another one that is seemingly advertising free cable TV (I think) and a lot of gobbeldygook Such as: "electrolyte fetal angelo hustle rattail curtsey cytochemistry patriotic railhead prorogue biracial lumpy cytosine pickering lignite diagnoses
butyl envelop mesquite define category opaque stater eject k's seller albacore yachtsman crawlspace announce align larkin teem contemptuous congressmen prune isfahan tarpaulin socrates pep" Does anyone know where this comes from?

Grateful for any pointers.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:07 16 Mar 04

Don't know where they are from; do know that they are spam. Use mailwasher to delete them from the server before they get onto your PC. click here

  ventanas 21:29 16 Mar 04

Thanks for the reply. A bit difficult to use something like Mailwasher though, as they come to my machine through a mail server using the info@ address. I would think that clicking the link on the first one would reveal my true address. Don't understand the second though. I get about six each of these a day. It's just a nuisance, but I could do without it.

I think its about time we looked at some proper network filtering software.

Thanks again.

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