Strange Dialogue Box appearing..........

  Dirty Dick 12:43 04 Dec 07

I have been away for the weekend, and when I returned I turned on my laptop,opened Outlook and a dialogue box appeared saying....

"Internet Security Warning
The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified
The target principal name is incorrect
Do you want to continue using this server?"

This has never appeared before, and I have not changed any setting (as far as I know)

I have rung AVG anti virus, and AVG anti spyware, nothing abnormal appearing.

Can anybody tell me what has happened, and how can I stop this from happening.



  MAJ 12:53 04 Dec 07

Is this Outlook 2007? click here

  SANTOS7 12:55 04 Dec 07

could try this..

1. click "view Certificate" when it pop's up
2. export it to a .cer file (basic encryption) save it to your desktop
3. double click it (to install it)
4. chose "trusted publisher" when asked
5. restart outlook , click send\receive

  anskyber 13:03 04 Dec 07

Have a look at the fix here. click here

  SANTOS7 13:15 04 Dec 07

Well!! if mine doesn't work anskyber, yours will,LOL...

  anskyber 13:18 04 Dec 07

SANTOS7, it's what happens when I don't refresh the page!

  Dirty Dick 13:23 04 Dec 07

....but still having problems. Have tried your solutions but can't get it to work.

When I view the Certificate, it gives two alternatives for a CER file. One is a Cer encoded binary and the other is a base 64 encoded Cer. which one of the two should I use?

  octal 14:01 04 Dec 07

If you are using Googlemail then there is a problem, there are a lot of other people getting the same, I did post this thread earlier but no one responded

click here

  octal 16:30 04 Dec 07

I seemed to have cured mine.

I use Thunderbird and what I did was to delete the googlemail account in Thunderbird then navigate to the Profile folder for Thunderbird and delete the folder, then re-installed the account which seems to have cured it.

Sorry I can't help with Outlook, but it might give you an idea what to look for.

  octal 16:31 04 Dec 07

Sorry, I meant to add my guess is that somehow a corrupt file crept into the Profile folder.

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