STRANGE - Closed Program not actually Closed?????

  *Gary* 16:54 30 Apr 07

Windows Vista Home Premium
Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-60


I have noticed that despite closing programs such as Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer, quite a few times even though it won't be in the 'Taskbar', going into processes in the 'Task Manager' shows that the program is still running and using memory.
It's annoying because often despite having only a couple of windows open, I can't open any more windows due to memory and then have to go to task manager and manually close the processes (which should already be closed) to free up some space.

Has anybody else experienced this problem where a program is still running/open despite being closed and disappearing off the taskbar?



  skidzy 18:02 30 Apr 07

Possibly faulty ram but more than likely some spyware/malware if not hardware failure.

Run your antispyware programs.

Can you look in Task manager and tell us what is hogging the system resources.

  *Gary* 19:32 30 Apr 07

Cor, I hope not, I've only had it a week or so. What usually takes up the system resources is Internet Explorer but this is not constant e.g. I have just closed the internet explorer windows and they disappeared from the task manager. Strange that this is not always the case.

I'll run my norton scan in a sec and let you know if it finds anything.

Any other ideas?

  *Gary* 21:16 30 Apr 07

Did a scan for viruses and spyware but didn't find anything. Could it honestly be a hardware problem? I thought that it would probably be a software problem.


  woodchip 21:26 30 Apr 07

Programs also Leak memory, Down to bad programing

  skidzy 21:28 30 Apr 07

You maybe experiencing MS updates installing.

  *Gary* 23:40 30 Apr 07

The MS Updates have been up to date for a good few days now and have just done a windows memory check but everything seems to be in order. Seeing as it usually just tends to affect internet explorer could it be a memory leak with the program or are there other things i should consider?

thanks for the help guys

  *Gary* 15:34 28 May 07

Just thought I'd let you know that the problem seems to be internet explorer. After installing Firefox, the problem has gone.

  skeletal 16:20 28 May 07

This can definitely happen. My experience of it is when I open, and run instances of Office components from other Office components via VBA; e.g. in Word, I open up Excel. Normally, I open the instance up, use it, and close it down. Sometimes, if I make a mistake in the code, the instance will be left “running” even though there is no evidence of it.

In your case, you just seem to be trying to use IE; thus, I wonder if you have any add-ins, or other programs that somehow are using IE (and are buggy!) without you realising it?


  *Gary* 16:47 28 May 07

Possibly, I don't know. I mean to be honest I haven't really got a lot of programs installed, just the everyday basics, so I don't know. Nice to know that the laptop isn't broken though.

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