strange clicking on my hard drive in my TVIX HD M-

  erkmatrix 16:39 11 Aug 07

My new TVIX HD M-4000P just started to make a strange clicking sound, I was putting on it some music when it just got stuck when I was moving some song from 1 file to another so I had to unplug it and started making a clicking noise like the drive is stuck. Can this be somehow repaired, I've put loads of my albums on and it took ages and would hate to have lost all that I have put on it.

Can anyone help.


  erkmatrix 17:12 11 Aug 07


after about 10 mins of turning it on again the clicking stops but the drive can't be detected on the pc at all.

  wee eddie 17:30 11 Aug 07

click here

Even if it's not one of these. start Backing-up. Fast.

Are you sure that it was the Drive that made the Noise?

How old in the Machine?

  erkmatrix 17:48 11 Aug 07


Yes its definatly the drive, the machine was bought last summer but works fine , the external hard drive in my TVIX is definatly the clicking, but as I say it stops clicking after a while.

I have tried to connect it to my laptop but comes up with usb device malfunction and tell me one of the usb ports has something unrecognized in it. It now does this also when I plugged it back into my pc, both computers have this come up telling me the device is malfunctioned.

  erkmatrix 07:38 12 Aug 07

Can anyone help or know of software I could buy to recover it please

  erkmatrix 10:43 12 Aug 07

Would putting it into my pc help does anyone think

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:16 12 Aug 07

Easyrecovery click here
Testdisc click here
Drive Rescue click here
Floppy recovery click here

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