Strange bootup sounds

  saxman 14:14 18 Dec 05

my pc is running windows XP SP2. When I switch on I get an he-haw sound like a police siren coming from the internal speaker. Sometimes the sounds continue and the first screen I see is windows closing down. At other times it stops after a couple of repititions and the m/c boots up normally. Can anyone please advise as to a likely cause

  Forum Editor 14:42 18 Dec 05

it will give you a list of error beeps, and what they mean.

In general terms, beeps from the BIOS are not a good sign - they mean that something's wrong with your computer's hardware, and must not go uninvestigated. If you're up to opening the case, check that the RAM modules are firmly seated, and that the same applies to all onboard PCI cards and cable connectors. With the case open, fire up the machine and watch to make sure that all the fans are running.

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