strange blocks of dots on monitor

  Old Geeza 11 Sep 12

Hi I have strange blocks of dots dancing around on my monitor, it is not dead pixels but can range from a checkerboard pattern to individual blocks of about 30 to 40 tiny dots in square formation, they are flashing, anybody got any idea please


  lotvic 11 Sep 12

Last time I had random blocks of dots it was graphic card overheating. Test this by taking side of your pc and direct a room fan to the pc's inards and then see if problem still occurs. (I found that by leaving side off my tower even without an extra room fan I don't get the problem - keep meaning to sort it out permanently)

Yours might even be a loose lead so check it all out.

  lotvic 11 Sep 12

Oh, and reseat the graphic card as well, it might have worked loose.

  Old Geeza 11 Sep 12

the pc has onboard graphics, just changed the background and dots only showing on dark background and pictures

  lotvic 11 Sep 12

Pixellation square blocks appearing randomly. Seems definitely a graphics problem. Suggestions to try:

Check cables from pc to monitor.

Reseat the RAM, try it with one stick at a time.

Have you looked in Device Manager for yellow triangle with ! in. Maybe you could try updating the driver.

I presume this is a Tower Desktop pc? Have you had the side off and cleaned all dust and fluff out?

Can you try a separate graphic card (borrow or buy).


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