Strange beep

  duplo 15:55 20 Jan 03
  duplo 15:55 20 Jan 03

Whenever I am running windows XP occasionally there is a strange 'beep' noise from the Mobo followed by a short whine and then it continues as normal. It also happens when I shut down.

I have the monitoring s/w installed and all the fans are spinning correctly (I am a bit dubious as it says all the fans are running at 6617 RPM- AGP, Processor and System). As far as I am aware I dont have a system fan? I took the case off and let it run and the fans are all spinning (processor and AGP).

I dont seem to have the noise when I run 2k (duel boot). But again it makes the noise when i shut down.

Any ideas?

(P.S: Its a Leadtek Mobo Nforce chipset,AMD 2200XP, 512DDR 333 RAM, GF4 Ti4200 128MB, 120GB and 40GB HD's)

  OBE-1 18:46 20 Jan 03

if the beep noise is coming from the little speeker inside you computor it could mean that you are running low on you system resources or you have a heat wanning system in you bios that is tell you that there is a problem with you system over heating.
open you computor and see if there is a lot of dust in there if so give it a clean also let your computor breath ie is there space for air to cool it or is it stuck in a small space with no ventilation round it.

  duplo 18:58 20 Jan 03

The computer is fairly new... and no major amount of dust. The cpu runs at 51degs and I set the bios to warn me at 60, shut down automatically at 65.

I dont know how I could be low on resources, it happens even when I am just running word (with a ICQ, Spead gear, hotsink and Zone Alarm in background). I ran that much stuff on my old machine?

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