Storing more than one item in a field in Access?

  livewire 12:50 30 Apr 08


Ive been working on a database for some time, getting to grips with Access 2007.

However, I appear to have hit a snag..

I was hoping to have a form where by there would be a drop down box so the user can select the data they would like to put in - no problem.

But now I want to store more than one piece of data in the "objections" box in the form.

For example I might want to store:

Too Big
Too Small
Too Round

What if something is both too big AND too small? Access wont let me choose both options. How would I possibly be able to store such data??

  Belatucadrus 13:44 30 Apr 08

Only things I can think of are to increase your range options if you want to stick with one box ie:

Too Big
Too Small
Too Round
Too Big & Too Round
etc. Only you know what combinations are likely to be possible or of interest.

You could have a second objections field or maybe abandon the List/Combo box and look at using Check boxes, but that may involve some redesign work on the database fields.

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