storing burnt cds and dvds... do not stack?

  theDarkness 18:08 04 Jan 07

Ive noticed on my Panasonic dvd-rs (the more expensive £29.99 ones with the white printable label) they state to never store them stacked.. but... they come in a stack of 25 in a spindle? why should a burnt disc be any less safe stored in this manner-anyone know? if they could b damaged while stored away from heat etc i dont see a problem, but if burnt discs really can damage in this way then surely blank discs could also

  Totally-braindead 18:52 04 Jan 07

The only thing I can think of is, when they are new and unused they just sit there, but when you have burnt them you are constantly moving them about to get to the disk you are trying to find. Therefore theres more chance of scratching them.
Might not be the reason but its the only thing I can think of. Once burnt I always keep my disks in a case or a sleeve anyway to stop it getting scratched and to make it easier to find.
Seems like an odd comment for them to make though.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:23 04 Jan 07

Perhaps they asume you are going to print labels on them and the ink may contaminate the disc above .

  Input Overload 21:57 04 Jan 07

I use the wallets to store date DVD's & Cd's in, they are only £2.50 or so from SVP for a wallet that holds 48. I have Cd's with data on that are 10 years old & are sill accessible without problem, and DVD’s that are over 5 years old that read ok.

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