Stopping Kaspersky beeps

  andy625 09:43 05 Mar 08

I have just installed Kaspersky on new Thinkpad laptop. Occassionally I get a message pop up from Kaspersky saying the virus definitions are out of date. When this happens, I get a loud beep from the pc (even though all the sounds are supposedly turned off). When I am using the pc for a Skype call with headphones and the pc beeps, the beep is PAINFULLY loud. How can I turn it off??? Is there a setting in Kaspersky that I've missed?

  jakimo 10:41 05 Mar 08

update the virus definitions and the beeping should stop

  andy625 14:21 05 Mar 08

I have done that, but it seems that even if you set Kaspersky to automatically update, it pops up and tells you that the definitions are out of date before it downloads the new ones, so the beeping keeps happening.

  Kemistri 16:57 05 Mar 08

"Is there a setting in Kaspersky that I've missed?"

Possibly.... Go to Settings >> Appearance >> Advanced (under Events Notification). But I have KIS installed on one notebook, with mostly standard notification settings, and it does not use the hardware beep or the speakers. My Windows system sounds are, like yours, set to "no sounds". I never hear a peep from it.

  brundle 19:09 05 Mar 08

Start menu/run, type


press return


net stop beep

press return

I'm not sure if that stops it for that particular session or disables it entirely, but if you want it back use

net start beep

  andy625 08:24 06 Mar 08

Thanks. Fixed.

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