Stop Windows scanning external harddrive

  Scott_the_Scot 13:11 02 Jul 07

Ever time I connect my external harddrive windows starts scanning it for photos and music and the asks what I should open them with. I always mark take no action. Is there a way of stopping it from scanning external drives.

  VoG II 13:16 02 Jul 07
  pj123 13:16 02 Jul 07

Not that I know of. Mine does the same and, like you, I always mark it as "Take no Action".

Sometimes I get a window that allows me to tick a box that says "Always remember this etc..." but it doesn't seem to work very well.

  pj123 13:25 02 Jul 07

Looks like VoG™ posted same time as me. I didn't see the thread he linked but I am giving it a try. Going to take me a while as I have 6 external hard drives.

  pj123 14:29 02 Jul 07

Just followed the link VoG™ gave on one of my Externals and it works fine. No problems. Now going to do the same with the rest.

  Scott_the_Scot 16:25 02 Jul 07

Thanks VoG™ does exactly what I need.

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