Stop laptop from logging off

  hastelloy 14:24 24 May 13

I need to access a friend's laptop using Teamviewer. So far I haven't managed to connect and suspect this is because the laptop automatically logs off after a period of non-use. How do I stop this from happening?

  onthelimit1 14:26 24 May 13

If you mean it's going to sleep, the only thing is for him to change the settings in Control panel. OS?

  hastelloy 14:39 24 May 13

Sorry, should have said it's W7. It's not going to sleep, it's logging off.

  Woolwell 14:47 24 May 13

Logs off from TeamViewer or account of laptop logs off?

  hastelloy 18:52 25 May 13

The account laptop logs off. I can never get Teamviewer to connect.

  hastelloy 18:53 25 May 13

Going away tomorrow so won't be able to respond any further until Thursday.

  Woolwell 19:27 25 May 13

In spite of your earlier post I think that it is going to sleep. The friend needs to check the power settings.

  hastelloy 08:17 31 May 13

Now back from holiday.

Woolwell When my desktop goes to sleep, I have a black, blank screen. When the laptop logs of, I have a blue screen with an icon in the centre and a space to enter a password. No password is needed. I just press enter and it logs in.

However, I think you may be right in that the answer will be in the power settings. I'll have a look on Thursday when I'm next at my friend's.


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