Stop: 0x00000050

  Cassy 09:55 01 Aug 08

My XP computer crashes to a blue screen with the following Stop code:
STOP:0x00000050 (0xDD11cB60, 0x00000001, 0xBc6D4826, 0x00000000)
When restaring after a time it's ok for about 5 mins then crashes, if I restart it straight away it crashes after the login Please could someone advise.

possible memory error,have you upgraded recently?
more info at
click here

  Ditch999 12:33 01 Aug 08

Download memtest click here the precompiled one for Windows and try running it. If it throws up errors then it is your memory which is faulty.
If it wont run download the ISO image and make a bootable CD and run it from that

  Cassy 12:01 02 Aug 08

Thanks for your help.I was unable to run straight from memtest 86 so I downloaded memtest to a floppy disk and set off the test on reboot. All went well for about 3 hours then a clicking noise came from the floppy disk as if it was stuck! After a further 10 mins I cancelled the operation but all seems well with my computer at the moment lets just hope its OK

  Cassy 13:26 05 Sep 08

Thanks for help

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