Stinger Advice ??

  roygbiv 16:07 14 Aug 03

I have downloaded the ?stinger? (to delete virus) on to floppy disc. I have used it to scan and delete the virus, but when I went to look for the download of the Microsoft Patch I must of got the virus again!! (NOT FROM M$) so I used ?stinger? again but this time it didn?t show it had found or deleted any thing. Is this fix a ?one time per download? or is it something that can be used over and over?.

How big is the M$ Patch? (I don?t think I have enough time to download it before the PC shuts down!!)

  Jester2K II 16:10 14 Aug 03

Stinger works time and time again.

click here

XP 32 bit patch is 1261 KB

  Megatyte 16:16 14 Aug 03

Did you disable system restore?


  TBH1 16:18 14 Aug 03

maybe you can 'borrow' some one's PC and download patch onto floppy, then transfer to your own.

  GroupFC 16:23 14 Aug 03

If you want I can put the patch on a floppy and get in the post you tonight. If so, mail me using the envelope at the side of my name with your postal address.

  Kaacee 18:47 14 Aug 03

Following on from the advice to use Stinger to remove the Lovsan virus of the previous few days....

I run 98se but my brother-in-law runs XP and he unfortunately contacted the virus...being unable to get on line i offered to copy the Stinger and the MS patch onto floppies and take them over to him..(fortunately he lives only 6 miles away)..i duly copied them onto floppies and took them over to him.

After downloading Stinger to his machine and attempting to use it an error message came up that this programme was not compatable with Win 32 bit..(or words to that effect)and therefore could not be activated..the MS patch could not be read by his floopy drive so this also was a non runner.

After returning home, i tried using the Stinger but got a similiar message saying it was not compatable with my system...(the MS patch was ok with my floppy drive).

Can anyone tell me why Stinger would not work on 2 separate systems?.

Incidently my brother-in-law has since removed the offending virus using symantic programme.

  Jester2K II 18:55 14 Aug 03

Stinger is an NON supported product. I can't see any reason why this should not work on Win98 or Xp as i have used it many times on both.

The only thing i can think of is if you ran it directly from the floppy disk it might cause problems, but even then i don't know why.

  roygbiv 09:27 15 Aug 03


thanks, i managed to download the patch, using my old PC, and so far so good with my XP (with patch).

It looks like alot of people have been caught by this virus, it is in the papers and all the talk in the local Pizza delivery shop. Alan.

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