Still struggling

  joe95 15:24 20 Mar 04

I am no nearer solving my file problem despite all the help I got from a previous post.
I upgraded to XP from 98se and office 2000 and used Adaptec to back up my files onto a cd-rw.
I now have Nero but can't do anything with the files on the cd-rw when I work on them and try to save get error sharing violation. I have tried copying them dragging to desktop,etc can't rename sanme error message tried brand new disc no joy.
I am getting a little desperate now.
Thanks Joe

  Diodorus Siculus 16:08 20 Mar 04

joe95 - can you post a linke to the past thread, if it still exists.

If not, are you able to use something like ISOBuster to get the data from the CD?

  joe95 16:16 20 Mar 04

what's ISO BUSTER?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:35 20 Mar 04

Sorry for the delay; ISOBuster is a program that will extract data from a damaged CD.

click here

  joe95 23:39 20 Mar 04

Thanks for the tip but very slow to download status says getting info and it has been like this for 20 mins and nothing downloaded.

  Djohn 00:16 21 Mar 04

joe95 You say your now using Nero. Are you using INCD to do the new copies? also have you checked in properties that the disk are not "Read only".

  joe95 00:33 21 Mar 04

Djohn,using Incd nothing in props about read only.

  Djohn 00:40 21 Mar 04

Not sure on this one joe95. But until someone comes up with the answer, type "error sharing violation" into google and it will give you a couple of things to try. Good luck, hope you find the answer there but if not then I'm sure someone in the forum will know. j.

  pc moron 00:56 21 Mar 04

When you say you've tried to copy the files, do you mean you've tried to copy them from the CD-RW to your hard disk using Windows?

  joe95 10:37 21 Mar 04

pc moron
I did copy and paste or sent desktop when I sent one to desktop I could work on it and save, most of the files are XL but they don't show xl logo.

  pc moron 12:47 21 Mar 04

So you can use Send To to copy a file to your desktop, work on it and save it to your hard disk without getting an error (don't try to save the file back to the CD-RW)?

If you can then right click the file on your Desktop, select Open With, then select Choose Program.

Select Excel from the list and make sure the Always Use The Selected Program To Open This Kind Of File box is ticked.

You should get the Excel File Icon back.

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