Still no Sound from PC Speakers

  mcheathen 25 Jan 13

I updated the audio driver and checked to see that sound card was securly fitted, but still no sound. What else could be wrong?

  Chronos the 2nd 25 Jan 13

Do you get sound by removing the sound card and plugging the audio cable into the onboard sound card?

What motherboard have you?

What sound card have you?

what is your operating system?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 25 Jan 13

Check- volume is not set to zero

nothing is muted

  mcheathen 25 Jan 13

The PC is a Hercules V1.5 and runs on XP Home Ed. I don't know motherboard, yet.

Have you disabled the onboard sound in device manager?

  mcheathen 26 Jan 13

No I never disabled the onboard sound in device manager. I don't understand how that would resolve the problem?

  lotvic 26 Jan 13

Please answer Chronos the 2nd's question: Do you get sound by removing the sound card and plugging the audio cable into the onboard sound card?

Have you ever had sound and then it suddenly stopped?

Please try to answer every question clearly and in detail as each step/setting has to be checked (even though it's a pain)

  mcheathen 26 Jan 13


The audio ports connect to the on-board sound card. There is a card below this, which I assume is the sound card, but no I have not yet removed it.

BTW two of the audio ports are for two individual speakers. The speakers I used only had one plug connected to the two speakers. Does this make any difference?

  Chronos the 2nd 26 Jan 13

I cannot find a PC called Hercules V1.5. Who is this made by? You should have a sticker on your pc giving make/model number. Please try and find the info, it is far easier to offer advice when we have all the information that the right PC will give us.

You are plugging your Audio cable in to the green socket?

  mcheathen 28 Jan 13

@ Chronos the 2nd, the PC is a TIME Hercules V1.5. The only info I have on the motherboard is from 'Motherboard resources' which says 'Device Instance Id' and has the following code underneath it: ACPI\PNP0C02\4&3656B0&0. The actual motherboard itself does not have any labels on it identifying its make, but there is a golden coloured component on the middle of the board with MSI AGP 8X on it.

Yes the audio cable in to the green socket, but the card underneath the on-board audio card must be the video card, because I later found that the VGA socket attaches to it. So there must only be an on-board audio card.

  Chronos the 2nd 28 Jan 13

I still cannot find anything about the PC but am I right to assume it is an old PC? Did time not go out of business years ago?

If you have the cable from your speakers connected to the green socket then that is correct.

Do you have the speaker icon showing in the system tray? Which is at the bottom right hand side next to the clock.

Yes that is a VGA card which is why I am suggesting that the PC is quite old as VGA for graphics is not used any more and has not been for years.


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