still image from mini dv cassette

  sam-unwise 16:41 26 Sep 05

I have a new sony handycam 19E which does not have a separate memory card slot so still images are stored on same tape with any video images. When I transfer to my harddrive everything is transferred in video clip format. I'm not very technically minded and I haven't been able to find a way of converting my still images to correct format so that I can print or email photos and wonder if anyone knows how to go about this. Software supplied with camcorder is Picture Package Ver 1.5. Any suggestions anyone please?

  woodchip 16:45 26 Sep 05

Now this I will take note of as I have a JVC that does the same a button called snapshot.

  Fellsider 19:19 26 Sep 05

At a guess I would say that you download the still images by USB cable instead of the AV cable.

  sam-unwise 19:41 26 Sep 05

Thanks Fellsider, I wish it were that simple, but I downloaded using USB. Instruction book doesn't cover this at all, just says press this button to take a still photo and it will record with 7 seconds of sound. No instructions on how to get still photo out which makes it a bit pointless really.

  De Marcus™ 19:44 26 Sep 05

This isn't an answer to your problem but why not play the video snapshot back at fullscreen resolution and press printscreen. paste into an image editor.

  zemdarin 20:18 26 Sep 05

Or if you have Pinnacle 8 or nine just bring it into there. You can take snapshots of all your video then. Same as you can in Nero if you have it. You can then edit them and print them.

  woodchip 21:12 26 Sep 05

My Video cam can download and upload, by Firewire, USB, S/Video, and AV. But as above although it can take pictures. When I have downloaded Video it put the Still pictures with the Video into the Capture program. I have not bothered with this as I do have Ricoh Camera for stills but next time I take some with the Video I will see what format etc it put's them in the Video folder that it saves to. It does download all to the Folder you save Video when you upload to through whatever program you use, So have a look in the folder for Pictures and Not Video as you will be able to see what is Video and what is Pictures just by double clicking them if the File extension does not tell you. If it's a odd file format then they would have to be converted

  sam-unwise 21:35 26 Sep 05

Thanks for your suggestions. I've tried but couldn't get image to playback at fullscreen resolution, just doesn't seem to be an available option. I did have Nero but had a major crash about a year ago and haven't got round to reinstalling it. If I can find CD I'll give that a go. Daft I know but I thought I'd only need what came in the box!

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