Still Having Problems with WMC

  Madcooie 13:55 12 Jul 06

Hey again,

I posted a while ago regarding several issues i was having with my nearly new pc from Dell. And well i downloaded the latest graphics/sound drivers, etc and i still occasionally have problems with it, for example, whilst running BF2 the game locks up for 10-20 seconds (like a serious lag spike) however, i never had this problem with my old computer. I know BF2 has become less stable with the addition of all the new patches, etc but i don't think they should be affecting why my machine is locking up all the time! (I know BF2 doesn't like dual core so i do CTRL ALT DEL and change the affinity to just one CPU) and i phoned dell and their response was basically download the latest drivers.

  MAJ 14:05 12 Jul 06

Other than when playing games, does the PC lock up at any other times, Madcooie? I haven't read your other posts, it might be a good idea to insert a link to them in your reply. Have you tried stopping your anti-virus software and your Firewall software while playing games? Obviously, don't do that if you're playing online.

  Madcooie 14:11 12 Jul 06

Hmm, no it doesn't lock up in any other games coming to think of it beside BF2 i recently replaced my wireless card could it be that? Hmm, i haven't actually! That could be a good plan! I never had to do that on my old computer maybe this one is different! Here's the link to my old post: click here

  MAJ 14:24 12 Jul 06

"i recently replaced my wireless card could it be that?"

It's possible that the new wireless card could be causing a conflict, Madcooie, it wouldn't do any harm to remove it to see if things improve.

  Madcooie 14:31 12 Jul 06

I would but how would i check if it's locking me up if i can't connect to the net? I am thinking of buying a cable now! Humm! Thanks for your help though Maj i'll try those things and see if i get an improvement! :)

  MAJ 14:54 12 Jul 06

Sorry, Madcooie, I don't plays games on my computer, so I wasn't aware that you had to be connected to the internet to play BF2 (whatever game that is). So is your PC only locking up while online?

  Madcooie 15:23 12 Jul 06

Not just on that game i mean it happens regularly i'd say almost hourly on the 2 games i play online which are Battlefield 2 and Counter Strike Source, so i guess there must be some sort of conflict between software. I am no expert as you can see!

  MAJ 12:49 13 Jul 06

While reading another thread, it occurred to me that your 'lag' problem might be caused by the indexing service, Madcooie. Try disabling it by going to Start > Run, type in:


and click OK. Look for the "Indexing Service" entry, right-click on it and choose "Properties". Then in the "Startup type:" dropdown menu, choose "Disabled", click Apply and OK to exit, see if that helps.

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