still having home page trouble

  kayell1 14:53 30 Jul 08

When I go onto the internet my pc now goes direct to my email page for a few seconds and then on to my hone page (yahoo). I have tried using 'tools' 'internet options' and applying the home page as default but still it happens. Any advice please?

  Clapton is God 16:48 30 Jul 08

Use this click here to delete your internet browsing history files and lot of other crap as well.

That might solve it.

  thms 17:43 30 Jul 08

I had a problem a while back where my home page k ept reverting to msn page. Tried everything running antivirus,antispyware,ccleaner and nothing worked. Found the answer was to set the home page in safe mode. Never had a problem since.

  kayell1 11:29 31 Jul 08

thanks Clapton but CCLEANER didn't help.
thanks for response thms but can you tell me in simple words how to set the home page in safe mode?

  OK Computer 11:33 31 Jul 08

Reboot your PC and tap the F8 key on boot up (sometimes you have to let the very first screen pass). Choose Safe Mode and allow Windows to load. Enter your password (if app) and then change your homepage via Internet Explorer properties as per usual. Reboot.

  sinbads 13:17 31 Jul 08

click here may help you with home page settings

  kayell1 16:17 31 Jul 08

thanks sinbads...just tried it but still I am getting the email page as the home page. Any more ideas please?

  Clapton is God 16:20 31 Jul 08

"Any more ideas please?"

Why not use a proper website as your homepage?

Try click here

See what happens then.

  sinbads 16:47 31 Jul 08

have you opened yahoo homepage.... tools/internet options and selected USE CURRENT you should then have only the url for yahoo homepage.

dont forget to apply and ok

  kayell1 16:57 31 Jul 08

I opened the BBC home page as suggested and selected 'use current' which showed it to be the BBC home page in the box. I 'applied' and 'Okayed' and came off the internet. when i immediately went back on, the BBC home page opened first for a few seconds and the it went straight to another tab which was for my yahoo email page. This email page doesnt appear at all as an option in the homepage box in 'general' in internet options so I don't know where it is coming from and what is telling it to open up????????

  sinbads 17:23 31 Jul 08

click here download and install + check for malware in the preference section select hi-jack protection enter your home page url and tick all boxes

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