Steps to restore Internet on a networked PC ???

  Revi 10:52 12 Sep 03

I have two networked PCs connected to broadband through a common router; PC 1 using Win 98 and PC 2 W2K professional. For some reason I am not able to get through to the Internet on PC 2, whereas internet is working fine on PC 1. I have checked all cable connections, they are ok. I disconnected and reconnected all the router and broadband cables for the sake of caution. I am even able to access on PC 2 the required files from PC 1. In short, everything is working fine with PC 2 except the internet. On clicking on the IE icon on PC 2, the globe on the upper right hand corner turns for a while and then stops showing a monitor screen saying that the site is not accessible ( exactly the same sort of screen you get when you type a wrong web address on the address bar).

Would someone please describe to me all the steps (if that is possible w/o reverting back to me with questions) that would be needed to restore my internet connection on PC 2 ? I am not tech savvy and so would appreciate a step by step or very detailed and clear instructions.

  JIM 11:18 12 Sep 03

would for a start check out,or run a IE repair.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or 6.x for Windows 2000

From the Start menu, select Settings, and then choose Control Panel. The Control Panel window will appear.

Open the Add/Remove Programs icon. The Add/Remove Programs window will appear.

Click the Internet Explorer 5.x option or the Internet Explorer 6.x option, and then click the Change/Remove button.

Click the Internet Repair Tool option and then click the OK button.

Click the Yes button.

Restart the computer when you are prompted.

  Revi 12:10 12 Sep 03

Your trick did the work! Keep up the good work.

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