steps before inserting a new Hard drive...?

  nick_j007 11:26 12 Aug 04

Hello all,

I'm expecting a new HDD to be delivered today for my laptop. I have backed up most of what I need so I think I'm set.

What I'm looking for is an idiots guide in a few bullet points on how to go about this. Not the physical insertion etc, but the steps to follow on the PC.

I'm running XP home, and have a full installation CD at the ready.

Do I need to format the drive first btw?

Many thanks in advance.


  Smegs 11:31 12 Aug 04

You will need to go into the BIOS to change the boot-up to CD-ROM. Xp will ask you if you want to format, do it. Once it's done, install Xp.

You done have all the drivers, don't you??

  Smegs 11:34 12 Aug 04

click here halfway down the page. "How to Guides for Windows XP".

  nick_j007 11:58 12 Aug 04

Thank you, yes I have a seperate CD will all the drivers on it too.

OS CD first, drivers CD second then?

I'll follow your link now.

Thanks again.


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