Stats; Which one is more important...

  Z1100 23:56 06 Nov 06

I get these stats and I can drill into them but to be honest I never really know how many visitors I have, New or otherwise.

What should I be taking into consideration when determining who is new, who is repeat and how can I be sure that I can get that info accurately.

Monthly Statistics for October 2006
Total Hits 4277
Total Files 2385
Total Pages 1189
Total Visits 618
Total Unique Sites 349
Total Unique URLs 110
Total Unique Referrers 70

I already use the Stat Counter (dot) com. but only the free 100 history version as I am just too confused to comit to any stat counter until I have an idea what I am actually lookin at.


  acsmanhtml12 19:30 07 Nov 06

Hits is requesting any file.
Pages is the whole page viewed simple

  Forum Editor 00:56 08 Nov 06

is always of interest. You have no way of knowing whether people have visited you before unless you employ cookies, but to be honest, unless you're running an e-commerce site it doesn't really matter.

  Z1100 11:03 08 Nov 06

So the numbers are important to me to work out what percentage of people browsw against those who contact me for a service.


  acsmanhtml12 08:00 09 Nov 06

I think it's total Unique URL's or something similar. Correct me if wrong

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