Static Route?

  cords911 05 Oct 11

Hi everybody. Thanks for any replies ahead of time.

I am in charge of a volunteer mobile field communications unit for a municipality. Our mission is to assist police/fire/EMS with communications at the scene of large incidents.

The truck has 2 internet connections through cellular providers. The first connection (router is a VPN back to the town's municipal LAN. The second connection (router connects directly to the internet.

All of the computers and devices in the truck have 192.168.70.* IP addresses. They are all set for as their gateway.

The problem is that with this configuration, private websites on the town's LAN are unreachable from the computer in the truck. I need to somehow set the network so that 192.168.. and 10...* addresses point to as their gateway instead. I believe that I may need to enter a static route into the router, but I'm still too new to networking to know what that would exactly be or if that's the true path to resolution.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

  mgmcc 06 Oct 11

Your problem is probably that you are operating in a different Subnet (IP address range) from the town's LAN. The Subnet Mask address of will prevent addresses with a different third "octet" from communicating, i.e. 192.168.70.x addresses won't communicate with 192.168.10.x addresses. Can you not operate your devices in the truck with 192.168.10.x addresses, using firewall software to block unwanted access?


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