Static or dynamic ip?

  Shanks 09:35 09 Jun 04

BT is just about to upgrade my local exchange so the world of bb access will soon be available at last. One connected it would be very useful for me to be able to connect remotely to my pc (to retrieve files etc). I have been told it would be easier to have a static ip address to do this, although other people have warned about staitic ip's being more easily hacked.

So it's two questions really - can I gain remote access with a dynamic address?, and with a good firewall will I be at any more risk than if I have a dynamic address?


  AndySD 11:33 09 Jun 04

It would be better to get a static address... and a good firewall is about all you will need. But make sure the firewall will allow you to connect remotly using your prefered method.

  Shanks 11:48 09 Jun 04

Thanks for the response AndySD

The router I am getting (Linksis WAG54G) has a built in firewall and if that is not good enough ZoneAlarm has stood by me well up to now.


  BeForU 15:27 09 Jun 04

Even if a router has a built-in firewall, it is only hardware therefore it would be best to use a software firewall i.e. Zonealarm as you've mentioned cause it makes it extra safe then. Kinda like double protection.

  Shanks 16:09 09 Jun 04

Hi BeForU, I've used ZA for years and have been very happy with it. I thought that running two together may cause conflicts, but if they will work together I will get the best of both worlds.


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